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Chelsey Turner

Chief of Staff


Tenisha Jones

Creative Director


Sharae Griffin

Community Manager


Carla Cunningham

Volunteer Coordinator


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I am Chelsey Turner, and I am excited to serve as the Chief of Staff with HNF! As cliche as it may sound, I am committed to making the world around me a better place. I believe that my time at Jackson State University nurtured that love of community, and is why I pursue opportunities that help communities. In my free time, I enjoy checking out the DMV’s food scene, hanging with friends, scrolling social media and volunteering. 

Hey Ladies! I am Tenisha Sade’ Love” Jones and I am the embodiment of all things; love, light, and resiliency. Believing that you can’t heal what you don’t reveal, I am a mental health advocate, thought-partner, and intercessor for anyone that I encounter. I like to believe that I am  the “well-rounded” friend, the perfect mix of Porsha Williams and Sarah Jakes Roberts.  I am the owner of an online clothing boutique that empowers women to be “present” in their everyday life… BE Bold. Be Chic. Be You! I am also in pursuit of my Ph.D. in School Psychology at Howard University, where I am conducting research on healing childhood trauma in black girls. When I’m not busy with school, you’ll find me vacationing or being the rich auntie to my favorite nieces and nephew. 

Hey New Friends!!! I’m Sharae Griffin, government consultant and editor by day, taco and lemon drop enthusiast by night. I’m a military brat, so the DMV has been considered home for over 20 years, but Philly will always have a piece of my heart. FUN FACT: I’m a self-taught newborn photographer who also LOVES to educate Black women on lactation so they successfully make it to one year of breastfeeding — my DM’s are always open.

I also would like to think I’m not too shabby of an interior designer either. When I’m not being supermom to an amazing preschooler, I’m treating myself (to whatever….often), spending time with family, writing (shoutout to THEE National Treasure — Morgan State for my B.S. in Journalism), traveling — to add inventory to my wall of over 30 shot glasses, or picking out my next hairstyle and nail design.

Hey Girl Hey! I’m Carla and I’m beyond thrilled to assist as the DC Chapter Volunteer Coordinator. I’m a Midwest girl originally from Ohio who has always wanted to relocate to the DMV—#ididthat!. I love photography, music, political theory, cats, travel and other tidbits when I remember them. I can’t wait to share in community, sisterhood and discover more of the DMV with you!

“She is a friend of mind…[t]he pieces I am, she gather[s] them and give[s] them back to me in all the right order. It’s good, you know, when you got a woman who is a friend of your mind.” —Toni Morrison