Membership Policy

We at HeyNewFriends (HNF) value a distinguished community, to uphold these truths, we have the right to terminate membership if any member is found not to be reflective of the HNF community standard.

If at any time you would like to terminate your HNF membership please give notice by email to

Termination will deactivate your HNF membership card immediately, and you will no longer receive any promotional benefits that are exclusive to the community. No refunds under any circumstances.

Termination: HNF membership ceases effective immediately upon electronic, and or paper notice. Termination is not subject to any refunds, and will cease future payments if applicable. All future payments proceeding effective termination are subject to processing up to 10 business days from the termination date.

HNF members must remain in good standing at all times. HNF is subject to termination of any member due to failure of timely payment of monthly membership dues without notice. HNF will allow continued membership access “good standing” for payments that are up to 30 days late. After the 30th day HNF membership is subject to termination. If for any reason you would like to request HNF membership reinstatement please send an email to for consideration.