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By Lana – IG: @weartofindh.e.r

Friendship; An endured bond between individuals with reciprocated affection. Okay, the best way to say the meaning of friendship is someone who has your best interest at heart; A long-standing bond. We all define friendship in our own ways. True friendship is hard to come by these days especially with canceled culture. As an adult, it can be difficult making new friends. Moving to a new city or area and don’t have any friends? We’ve all heard of this before and it’s not easy. As a transplant, it can be hard finding a good group of girlfriends.

Have trouble making friends?

Pool Party with the Ladies of HNF!

One of the best ways I’ve met and made new friends is through HeyNewFriends. I first joined the group through E-Board and blogging, however, I didn’t attend a link-up event. My first and most memorable experience with HNF was attending The Cabo Pool Party. 

Ever heard of a pool party for women? The HeyNewFriends Pool Party was the best event I’ve attended. All Black Girl Magic vibes with the Ladies of HeyNewFriends! Picture this! Walking into a mansion with a large pool, palm trees, an array of fruit, food, and drinks for all, and of course, melanin and Black Girl Magic. This Cabo-themed pool party was one of my highlights of the summer. You had to be there 🙂 

It was so much fun doing the IG Takeover from behind the scenes. This event was all about female empowerment, meeting other successful Black women, elevating each other, and having fun! We showed off our swimsuits, danced with drinks in our hands, and made a memorable experience.  I’m ready to attend another HNF event.


HeyNewFriends = A Network for Women. Genuine Friendship. Cultivating Relationships. Join HeyNewFriends

HeyNewFriends is a great network for women to empower each other, link up or even chat with your homegirls. The connection through this network is purely genuine, fun and drama-free. Even some of the most introverted have made friends and connections in this organization. From joining the E-Board as a blogger to attending events, I truly enjoy being a member of this organization. 

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