Early on, I developed a passion for helping others.

It was because of this that I went on to attend Old Dominion University where I received her Bachelor's Degree in Human Services and later, George Mason University where I received my Masters in Public Administration with a concentration in Human Resources. Throughout my career, I have volunteered and worked for various service organizations. However, I was never quite fulfilled. I soon realized that God had given me multiple gifts and talents and I wanted to use them all.

In 2015 I launched the “Unashamed: This Is Me” blog where I aspired to inspire men and women via my own journey to LIVE their truths out LOUD; To stand in them, to own them, and to actively pursue purpose despite what their journey may look like to anyone else. Since then, this platform has evolved and allowed me to come from behind the keyboard (pen and notebook) and to use my voice as well.

In 2018 I decided it was time to put her connector skills to good use with the goal of making some new friends! This is when I founded HeyNewFriends, LLC!

Since its launch in July of 2018, the group has tripled in numbers and we are continuing to get better by the day!

Present day, I'm continuing to indulge in things and experiences that bring me great joy. I launched a Talk Show via Youtube entitled "Carter's Table Talks". The goal of this platform is to assist aspiring entrepreneurs on their paths to purpose by sharing tools, tips, success stories, and resources.

I have been featured on podcasts, panel discussions, and interviews where I openly discuss my journey to entrepreneurship, my love for connecting people, music (I’m a BIG JEEZY fan), and cultivating/hosting events.

We Can't Wait For You To Join Us